Term Dates

Lent Term 2015

Term beginsWednesday 7 January6.30pm to 8.00pm
1st Leave-out begins Friday 23 January10.30am
D Block parents' meeting Friday 23 January9.30am
1st Leave-out ends Sunday 25 January6.30pm - 9.00pm
Exeat begins Friday 13 February10.35am
LXX Parents' MeetingFriday 13 February10.15am
Exeat endsSunday 22 February6.30pm - 9.00pm
2nd Leave-out begins Friday 13 March10.35am
F Block Parents' MeetingFriday 13 March10.30am
2nd Leave-out endsSunday 15 March6.30pm - 9.00pm
Term ends Friday 27 March10.35am

Trinity Term 2015

Term beginsSunday 19 April6.30pm to 9.00pm
1st Leave-out begins Saturday 2 May10.35am
E Block parents' meeting Saturday 2 May10.00am
1st Leave-out ends Monday 4 May6.30pm - 9.00pm
Speech DaySaturday 23 May 
Exeat begins Saturday 23 May2.00pm
Exeat endsSunday 31 May6.30pm - 9.00pm
2nd Leave-out begins Friday 19 June10.35am
2nd Leave-out endsSunday 21 June6.30pm - 9.00pm
Term ends Friday 3 July10.30am
LXX parents' meetingFriday 3 July


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