Rugby School Monopoly

A must have game for endless familly fun is the new Rugby School version of that popular family favourite, ‘Monopoly’.  

Brought to the table by Rugby School Enterprises, the aim of this special edition is to capture as many of the School’s traditions, activities, historic buildings and beautiful surroundings as possible. 

So now is your chance to say you own the Temple Speech Room, to snap up School House or make a bid for the Close. With an impressive history that has given rise to some iconic town landmarks, not to mention creating the game of rugby football itself, the School is an ideal focus for some property trading fun.  

This latest, all new and official version promises to entertain everyone from Rugby residents and School pupils past and present, to die hard rugby fans from all over the globe. Those familiar London landmarks have been swept aside in favour of the School’s stunning Chapel, the statuesque boarding Houses and The Stodge. Where else could you actually buy the very ground on which the game of rugby started? The Close, the Macready Theatre and ancient Green Pavilion could be yours.  

All the School’s beloved buildings are highly valued and irreplaceable, but there is a natural in built House rivalry so their price tags and square position had to be decided most carefully. The Boarding Houses value all depends on the date they were founded with the oldest House fetching the highest price. Other squares were selected due to their importance in the School or because they are used by almost everyone, such as the Sports Centre.

Three worthy pupils were enrolled to come up with cunning treats and forfeits for the Chance and Community Chest cards and they made the most of Rugby’s quirks and traditions. Make a bad card choice and you’ll be off to see the School Marshall or if it’s your lucky day, you could win the Crick Run.  

Enterprises hopes Rugby School Monopoly will prove to be the source of hours of friendly competition and entertainment with family and friends. The ideal gift, the board game costs £29.95, plus £6.50 postage and packing to anywhere in the UK - please email or call the School Shop for an overseas postage quote.

It can be purchased in the following ways:

  • Call into the School Shop on Barby Road and place your order
  • Telephone the School Shop on 01788 556169 and pay by card
  • Email the School Shop at  and include your details to receive a call back
  • Complete the online form with your details to receive a call to purchase, or complete form, print and post with a cheque to: School Shop, Barby Road, Rugby CV22 5DP.

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